Large scale testing of components and structures

  A large number of development tests are necessary to verify the stability of a complete aircraft structure and guarantee its safety.

 FADA-CATEC provides a large variety of possibilities testing facilities to compare material applications and construction principles and verification of calculation procedures. 


 For that goal, the following equipment is available:

  • Universal testing machine for static and fatigue test of 4.000 KN.
  • Hydraulic actuators from 100 KN up to 630 KN.
  • ARAMIS y PONTOS video-correlation systems for recording of strain and displacements.
  • Altitude chamber of 1000 litres. (ambient to 1 mbar; from -70 to +100°C; 20 - 95% humidity).
  • Higly Acelerated Life Testing chamber (-100 a +200°C; up to 60 gRMS; - 10.000 Hz).
  • CEAST-INSTRON drop tower.
  • Compression after impact facilities.
  • 100KN Universal Machine.
  • Modal analysis LMS Scada device.