History, Mission and Vision


The Advanced Aerospace Technologies Center (CATEC) is established and managed by the Andalusian Aerospace Development Foundation (FADA).

Its implementation started in late first quarter of 2008 with the hiring of personal whose role was developing and implementing the several departments of the future structure of the Center. During this period, the Center had established temporary offices in a business center called EUROCEI. From this point, CATEC started first designs and infrastructures of the permanent facilities, to conceive and develop the first R&D&I projects and the qualification of  Advanced Technology Center in the Registry of Andalusian Knowledge Agents was achieved.

In June 2009, the foundation was moved to CATEC installations in the Technological and Aviation Park of Andalusia called AEROPOLIS. From this moment, the work of implementation of scientific and technological infrastructure had been intensified. This job culminated with the official opening of CATEC in January 2011. During this period, the Center had made a significant effort by defining its research lines, the implementation of R&D projects related to these lines, reaching its certification as a Research Center at National and European level and structuring the organization with the implementation of an integrated Management Quality System.


Today CATEC still working hard whit the generation of knowledge through the implementation of research and developing projects, internal and in collaboration with companies and agencies, at regional, national and European level.


Promote and develop the creation of technological knowledge and its transfer to the productive aerospace industry, which means:

  •  Applied Research
  • Technological development
  • Knowledge Management (forecasting, monitoring and competitive intelligence, protection, transfer and industrialization) 



Be a tool key in the generation and management of the aerospace scientific and technological knowledge, in coordination with the Academy and the industry.